PNG not transparent when opened in Photoshop

I am taking a transparent PNG from a website and opening it up in photoshop and the drop shadow turns completely opaque.
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GeekyDesignerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

PNGs can be 8-bit or 24-bit.

8-Bit PNGs are restricted to a 256 color palette, just like GIFs, which leave a slight border around the graphic.

24-bit PNGs support Alpha transparency and offers millions of colors. However, 24-bit PNGs can be quite large because it uses a lossless compression method.

So I suspect the graphic is an 8-bit PNG, which is similar to your typical transparent GIF file.

So if you want to have a completely transparent image, you would need to have the original graphic in order to save it as a 24-bit PNG.

I hope this helps!

David BruggeCommented:
can you upload a copy of the png?
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