Domain computer gets disconnected from Active Directory

I got Active Directory with few computers- ~15 around. Mostly - all clients are Windows XP SP2 or SP3. Some of them ar gettings following errors (see attached images), after what, they are not any more able to connect to AD or server without logging off and on again.

 If client computer just wiats for some minutes, then error disappears and everything goes normally.

System event and Application event logs shows errors, attached print screens.

It is very annoying for users, who uses shared printers from server, as they cannot print at that moment. I will attached prin screen from error from Word, when I will cach it.

Server is Windows 2003 SBS.
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
arnisraidoAuthor Commented:
At this moment, as situation is today, i do not need to rejoin computer to Domain. If I wait for 3-5 minutes, then computer gets connected to domain normally.
The problem is not permanent ant it disappears after some minutes offline.

Your solution means, I ned to remove and add computer to domain. Will it really help in my situation?
Darius GhassemCommented:
Just removing the computer then re-adding doesn't always fix the issue but the actul reset of the secure channel will stop this usually. You might need to replace the NIC if it goes offline like this after the reset of the secure channel and it doesn't fix the issue.
arnisraidoAuthor Commented:
I have used netdom.exe to reset.
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