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Posted on 2008-11-19
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I have a drop down menu created by a loop with java. For some reason I cannot get it to add scrollbars to the drop down menu.

Here is my code:


                height: 30px;

                max-height: 30px;

                overflow: scroll;





                filter: alpha(opacity=70);


<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">


                                <td onmouseover="showmenu()" onmouseout="hidemenu()">


                                <input value="<%= ResponseBean.getDynamicPagesMainLinks1(0) %>" type="hidden" class="styled" id="MenuSelected_InputText" name="<%= com.servlets.DynamicPagesEditExecuteServlet.HTTP_REQUEST_FIELD_KEY_MAIN_LINKS_1 %>" onchange="setformsubmitMarker(this.form,"selectmenu");this.form.submit();">

                                <span class="nav1" id="MenuSelected_Text"><%= ResponseBean.getDynamicPagesMainLinks1(0) %></span><br />

                                <table class="menu" id="LinkChange">

                                                 <tr><td class="menu">To change this link, pick from the following pages.</td></tr>


                                         for (int i=0; i<ResponseBean.getSizeOfDynamicLayouts(); i++)



                                                 <tr><td class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('<%= ResponseBean.getDynamicLayoutsLinkName(i) %>')"><%= ResponseBean.getDynamicLayoutsLinkName(i) %></a></td></tr>


                                   <% } %>

                                                 <tr><td class="menu"><a href="../m1_dynamic_link_add.jsp">Add a link</a></td></tr>





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Question by:the_hero
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    Expert Comment

    I don't know Java so I could be totally wrong here but have you tried using a form element for a dropdown list instead of table rows?

    For example:

    <select name="menu" size="1">
        //start your loop here
        <option value="value">label</option>
        //end your loop here

    and replace the value and label with your dynamic ones
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    Accepted Solution

    I got your code to work by changing the table to a div, removing the max-height declaration in the CSS, plus a bunch of other stuff. Works in IE7 and FF3.
    Compare your code to my code carefully. I removed the ASP stuff, for testing purposes in HTML/JavaScript/CSS only.

    		height: 34px;
          overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical;
    		overflow-y: scroll;
    		background: gray;
    		filter: alpha(opacity=70);
       function showmenu()
          document.getElementById("LinkChange").style.visibility = "visible";
       function hidemenu()
          document.getElementById("LinkChange").style.visibility = "hidden";
       <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
    				<td onmouseover="showmenu()" onmouseout="hidemenu()">
    	   			<input value="ResponseBean.getDynamicPagesMainLinks1(0)" type="hidden" class="styled" id="MenuSelected_InputText" name="HTTP_REQUEST_FIELD_KEY_MAIN_LINKS_1" onchange="setformsubmitMarker(this.form,'selectmenu');this.form.submit();">
    				<span class="nav1" id="MenuSelected_Text">ResponseBean.getDynamicPagesMainLinks1(0)</span><br />
                <div class="menu" id="LinkChange">
                    <div><span class="menu">To change this link, pick from the following pages.</span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name1')">Name1</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name2')">Name2</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name3')">Name3</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name4')">Name4</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name5')">Name5</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name6')">Name6</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name7')">Name7</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="javascript:MenuSelect('Name8')">Name8</a></span></div>
                    <div><span class="menu"><a href="../m1_dynamic_link_add.jsp">Add&nbsp;a&nbsp;link</a></span></div>

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