Scheduling replication

I am new to SQL replication& Finally, was able to configure a snapshot replication and it works great, but I can not figure out how to schedule it&

This is what I am doing to start it manually:

1.      (On source server); Right-click the publication and choose re-initialize all subscriptions à choose  Use a new snapshotà Generate a new snapshot immediately à Mark for Reinitialization..
2.      (On subscriber server (other then the source) à right-click on subscription à choose View Synchronization status -à Start

Is there a way to schedule it all with GUI? If not, please point me to a good source/tutorial on how to do it&

Thanks in advance!
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touellette83Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It is exactly what I am looking for... I am not on- site today - will test tomorrow... But question: if I let the subscriber to run continuously - will it eventually pick up the newly created snapshot? Please, advise...
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
great info at  about half way down explains schedule

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