I was upgrading our dell openmanage on a server by first removing the old version and then I installed the new version 5.5. Once I rebooted and tried to logon it gave me login failed, I tried a couple of passwords but no luck. Any suggestions.
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dellservertechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is a program call OMClean.exe

Use "srvadmin\support\OMClean\OMClean.exe" found on your "Installation and Server Management" CD to remove the old version of Dell OpenManage

And that's a good point 65td; what model server do you have? if you had omsa installed it shouldn't matter, but still.

Is 5.5 supported for that server?
Any Server Assistant events in the event log?

Try re-installing.
GGIANATAuthor Commented:
the cleanup worked.

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