Moving domains to a new IP address

I just performed a full Plesk backup on one machine (72.167.x.x), took that file, and restored it to another machine (97.74.x.x).  I now have to migrate all of those domains to the new IP address.

The problem is, I'm receiving the error message: "Unable to map... such address already exists"

Any ideas?
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Maybe IP already used on a deactivated network card ?

-In Device manager take a look to the Hidden devices.
Remove hidden network card (that were previously installed)

What do you have when you IPConfig /all ?
dsolomon76Author Commented:
The 97.74.x.x address is the IP address of the new server.

If I'm correct, I need to migrate my old domains to this new IP address in Plesk.
Your Network card has already 2 IP Address. So it seems you won't be able to use your "Ip Address Reconfiguration"  <-- Is this from your Plesk tool ? or another software ?

If another software...yes maybe you have to tell Plesk somewhere that it must now listen/work on this new adress.
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dsolomon76Author Commented:
Yes, this is a utility in Plesk:

I'm not trying to change the server's IP address, but rather the IP address associated with each domain.  I'm using the option:

"To map the selected IP address to another address, already existing on the network interface, select the Map to Existing IP Address option, and select the desired address."

I don't understand why the message says "Unable to map... such address already exists" when the whole purpose of this option is to select a existing address.

I can't see how the network card is mapped to both addresses, unless Plesk is doing this for me.  I did not modify the network settings in WIndows.
Yes sound weird....
" I can't see how the network card is mapped to both addresses"
In the properties of your network card, in TCP/IP you have a second tab : Alternative Configuration.
Other ip should be stored here...
If you did not configured it...sure Plesk did it...Have you launch this tool only once ?
Because launching it twice could explain what you are facing...and that would mean that what you want is already ok.

How do you know that you are done ?
dsolomon76Author Commented:
I found a solution to this problem on my own:  Through the Plesk interface, I had to add the IP address to each client's pool, and *then* the option to change the IP on a domain-by-domain basis appears in the domain "Setup" area.

So, unfortunately I cannot change the domains in bulk, but luckily I only have 10 or so.

Thanks for your help.

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Nice you solve it  !!!

You are welcome. I didn't feel really helpful !
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