CAG problem with Published Applications after R03 installation

Hello All.

Enviorment is XenApp 5 on 2003 x86 boxes. Have one CAG in the enviorment.

We publish certain apps to those using the Citrix Servers internally and certain apps for when they are out of the office and entering through the CAG. Typically we do that by only "Allowing Advanced Access Control" Connections through the publishing of the App. Therefore that particular app doesn't show up in the PNAgent or WI internally.

However, since upgrading our test enviorment to RO3, the above situations causes this error "To Log on to this remote computer, you must have Terminal Server User Access Permissions on this computer...."

Funny thing is, if you check the box to "allow all connections" for the published app this error goes away. It also goes away if you Roll Back to RO2. So it has to be something with RO3. Has anyone else run into this problem? and if so do you have a fix?

All the prereq's for R03 are installed.
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hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your Citrix License Server must be at version 11.5 to install this hotfix rollup pack. Using your MyCitrix credentials, download this update from the
have you updated your license server yet?
AaronITAuthor Commented:
Yes License server is at 11.5, C++ is installed on Citrix Server, as is SP1 for Dot Net.

All the prereqs were installed prior to the R03 installation.  I have also since then uninstalled R03, resinstalled the PreReqs and then reinstalled RO3 with no change.
AaronITAuthor Commented:

I know that, however it is updated and reporting that it's Version 11.5
AaronITAuthor Commented:
Still unresolved
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