I need to clear brainbench C# and ASP.NET exam. Need learning resources especially some online training

I have searched the forum and online before asking this question and have not found a satisfying answer.
I have been told at office to clear Brainbench C# and ASP.NET  test. Now I have been programming in C# for last 2-3 months and just know the basics. I tried to clear the Brainbench exam and got just 30% marks. I think I am not able to do well learning on on my own. So I wanted to ask what do I need to do to clear the same exams of C# and ASP.NET with over 90 % marks I have like 1-2 months for that. Most of the questions asked were not seen in the resources that I am going through. So I will ask you guys two things

1) What are the books, resources that I need to go through to clear these exams.
2) Is there any good online training like where I am taught at a good  pace supplemented with good material, assignments and tests from where I can learn and see my progress. I have searched and seen online learning resources on C# and ASP.NET like
c)and others
but none of them is interactive and tracks your performance and makes you aware of it.

Is any learning resource like this exists?? If not then what should be my approach towards improving my performance in these tests? Also what other reputed tests exists besides Brainbench (both online and offline)
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Your best bet would be to read up on MSDN  and possibly some of the MCPD or MCAD study books to bet a better understanding.   MSDN is a great free resource that will help build your knowledge.    You might also try and remember the topics of the questions you had 0 knowledge of on the brainbench and try to learn those topics.   I do not believe that the brainbench tests are meant to be passed when you only have 2-3 months of experience.  These are meant to show a proficiency in the language and test on a broad range of information.  I have also found that some of their questions seem pretty unrelated to what 95% of test takers would ever program.  This is a limited few questions but it is possible.  
kapurnitinAuthor Commented:
I have some fears with starting to read MSDN
1) Not interactive so I might loose interest after reading for a few days.
2) Will not be able to monitor my progress. Where do I stand??
3) I think it is HUGE might take months to complete.
For someone who is already at your level he can use MSDN as a good reference but I am just starting and will need a little more guidance and interactivity.
kapurnitinAuthor Commented:
It is very strange,  I have worked in graphics industry before which is at a far less developed stage than IT industry. Still they had a few very good online schools where they give you  material to download,  give assignments,  monitor your progress by taking weekly tests and even arrange for a chat session or video conferencing with your mentors who you can clear your doubts with. There are forums where students can discuss curriculum and all sorts of problems. I haven't seen anything like that in IT industry which is at a far more advanced stage. fxphd.com and animationmentor.com are a few very good examples.
I am mostly self teach myself from MSDN but agree that it is tough when just beginning.  Microsoft also has some online type of courses you can take just look around their learning portal   http://www.microsoft.com/learning/   

There are also boot camp style courses that you can take to get up to speed with programming.  

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kapurnitinAuthor Commented:
Some more suggestions that is
a) Interactive
b) Is NOT self paced has a START and END date.
c) We get assignments, tests and grades
d) Give a mentor access at least once a weak.
e) Is cheap for a student or a  just starting professional.
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