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Slow connection to Exchange over Juniper Netscreen VPN

I have a client that connects to his network when offsite via a Juniper Netscreen client. When he opens outlook it is "trying to connect" for about 60 seconds, then prompts for his password, takes another 20-30 seconds and will then say connected. Once connected it seems to send/receive fine (normal speed for a vpn) -- maybe just a small delay. He said he also experiences the connection to exchange was lost, goes through the "trying to connect" processes again and then is connected again after about 60 seconds. What can i do to get this connected faster and stay connected?

I tested his connection speed for his Alltel pc card and it runs at 1500 kbps when connected, which should be plenty fast. I also tested his connection to exchange when in the office and exchange connects immediately.

After doing some research the only suggestions i have found has been  to be to check the DNS for VPN on the client machine. Im not fimilar with this VPN configuration. Where would i need to go and make sure the DNS is correct once connected to the VPN? or is there something else i should try...
2 Solutions
do an IPCONFIG /all before and after the VPN connects

I hope this helps !
TECHieIncAuthor Commented:
well i checked back with the client today... he said he had been working perfectly since i left. i didnt make any changes so i dont know whats different.  Other than a reboot of the server later on that week.

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