Change proxy username and password with new user

On our HP Compaq Thin Client t5530 machines we are using the installed Internet Explorer 6. We have recently set up the proxy for our location and are requiring that IE go through that proxy.

When IE is first opened it asks for a username, password and domain. This is no problem - I enter it for the particular user of that thin client, click save password and they're all set.

The problem I'm having is that when a thin client is assigned to a different user - we try to avoid this but it has to happen when people leave and new people are hired - I can not find where I can enter the new user's information for the proxy.

Any help with this would be very appreciated.
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Can you go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Advanced -> Manage Passwords and delete the saved password there ? Also try running: rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr

You could also try and disable the previous user account, or remove his internet access rights and the browser is going to ask you for the password again.

check browser settings on IE

internet options>>> security, custom level, scroll all the way down, user authentication

try login with current credentials.
HLCHelpAuthor Commented:
Apparently the Thin Client version of IE6 does not allow access to these settings. I looked through all security settings and there was nothing listed in regards to authentication or users.
ah thin client ie.. depends on the thin client i would suggest having them log into the TS for the full IE. the build in thin client browsers are pretty limited.
HLCHelpAuthor Commented:
So there's not way to get in there and change the username and password for the proxy? We're trying to avoid using TS so that the server doesn't get slowed down anymore than it has to.
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