Can Samba present a sorted file system to a Windows client?

We have an Isilon cluster that we use for file storage for Windows machines.  Isilon is using Samba to present to the Windows machines.  The problem we are having is with a software product we use.  To put it simply, the software imports files and stores them in a structured fashion.  If we import the files from a Windows file system, everything is fine.  If we import from our Isilon (Samba), the files are not sorted, they are actually all jumbled up.

Another example of this behavior is to execute the dir command from a Command Prompt.  On the Windows file system, the files are sorted as expected.  On the Isilon, jumbled up.

Is it possible to make Samba sort the files like the Windows file system, and if so, how?  This has to be something done on the Samba side.
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 as far as I read in samba developer areas at the net, samba doesn't care about directory sorting.
 It just ships directories in the readdir() order and doesn't even read them into memory.
 There were rumours that some person was going to write a 'sorting' patch,
 but I don't believe that this ever came to a happy ending.
jdigicAuthor Commented:
did you ever find a solution for this? can you order the files if you browse using explorer? thanks!
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