Active Directory replication with 2 WAN links

Hi, I have a rather complicated problem here I need help with, and I will try to explain it clearly.

I have 3 sites that I am trying to get AD replication working across. Site 1 has an SDSL circuit, Sites 2 & 3 have both ADSL and Leaseline connections.

All sites use the ADSL/SDSL circuits to carry VOIP data between the sites, as the PABX unit is in site 1. All three routers have direct VPN connections that carry the VOIP traffic.

Sites 2 & 3 leasline circuits are secure point to point connections, and there are only used for data connecting to a secure database. Due to the fact that all internet traffic and database queries have to go through the leaseline circuit, the default gateway on sites 2 & 3 is configured to the leaseline router. Due to the security restraints on the leaselines there is no cross talk allowed between sites.

The ADSL/SDSL routers have IP adresses within each sites subnet. I want to know if it is possible to configure AD replication to use the ADSL circuit (even though it is not the default gateway) and how I would go about configuring this.

Thanks in advance

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not sure, but you may need to add an additional NIC into the server and use a route command

I hope this helps !
dlitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I do have a secondary NIC card installed, but it is currently disabled. Would i then assign it a seperate gateway address in it's IP config?
dlitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, installed seperate nic card and set routing tables up and Voila! AD & File replication up and working
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