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I am in the process of restoring this older workstation.  It has a PC Chips mother board - dont have the model number handy, but it is a socket 462, 2pci slots and 1agp slot.  It also has 2 ram slots.  My question is this - right now I have 1.5ghz of ram installed, running XP Pro, would it be beneficial to install another 512megs of ram.  Right now I have a 1gig stick of PC3200 and a 512mb stick of PC3200.  I could replace the 512mb stick with a 1gig stick, making 2gigs.  Thanks
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97WideGlideConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing you should know before upgrading memory is the MB model.  Get that first and then go to some site like .   Once there, run their memory configurator to understand clearly how much and what type of memory your MB can handle.    Then, yes, put as much memory in there as you can.  It will be dirt cheap, I'm sure.

ashfoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Although XP does not require large amounts of RAM I would recommend if possible for you to upgrade the 512MB stick to a 1GB stick thereby giving you 1GB in each slot. The combined 2GB will increase all round system performance and allow you to run more applications simultaneously.
scottatadtAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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