thread count configuration in WLS 10.0


Where do increase/decrease thread count in the administration console in WebLogic 10.0.

According to the following edocs doc i thought there should be a Queue tab under configuration under each server instance,

but there is no such Tab under ser-instance-configuration.

Please Help...................
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rajesh_balaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you manage to fix it based on the above comment?

You are referring to old 8.1 threading model. Weblogic moved to self-tuning threading model (referred as work-manager) starting 9.x. However, for backward compatibility they have retained 8.1 execute-queue model.

Refer the following for work-manager (self-tuning thread system)

Basically, if you dont specify any thread count, weblogic internally tunes the number of threads required for the application based on the throughput.

If you look at the link you have pasted, it clearly mentions in the title that its for 8.1 threading model. :)

skolakanuruAuthor Commented:
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