Gray screen after restart window server 2003

I have a server that is being restarted everynight after hours, when I wake the computer up the screen is gray and I have the use of the mouse and that's it. It responds to pings and is working, but I cannot unlock and log in.

I end up having to do a hard restart to correct this. I have forums all over the place that almost answer this and a hotfix from microsoft that almost fits. I don't want to try the hotfix yet as that I want to check and see if anyone else has a solution or can point me to the correct hotfix just incase I'm not picking the right one.

The first few times this happened the login was there and I could enter my information to unlock it. Once I entered the info the screen would roll from gray to black from the top and would hang up on me. Now it only does what I said above.

Any help would be nice. I know there are other question like this on this site but they don't seem like the answer I'm looking for.
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If it's on the network and pingable, have you tried to RDP to the box? If so, do you also get the same display? If you can get the display properly via a RDP session, then all you need to do is first verify if the CPU and memory usage is acceptable. If not, find out what processes are taking out CPU or memory.
If those are normal and still problematic, then you need to identify what services of that application is hanging your server. I have seen this from many application such as SNMP, Lotus Notes services, Video GMS, AntiVirus, Backup OpenFile agents, and SiteScope etc. If you have remote access such as RDP or even use the Computer Management from another machine to stop each one of those application aand see if you can get the display back.
I would definitely look at the event logs  - even remotely, as well as the services.

Something is hanging.

I hope this helps !
netadmin2004Author Commented:
I RDPed into the server but this time I had the login window, once my information was entered it stayed on the gray screen. After I disconnected I tried logging on at the server. What was different now is that I have the logon screen, but same things happens and the screen rolls to black after the info is entered.

It seems the only thing that corrects this is a hard reboot.
Try use the Computer Management from another server to manage this problematic box. See if you can find any event errors as netadmin2004 as suggested above. Then you may want to look at the services and see if you can stop some of the application services one at a time as suggested above from me. Each time you stop a service remotely, try logon to the server again and see if any different. Hopefully you can identify the service that cause the box to hang or run low or memory etc.
netadmin2004Author Commented:
Turns out there were two vb scripts conflicting with each other that reboot the server. I didn't make these the person I replaced did. Once I deleted them and made new ones the problem was fixed.

Thanks for all the help

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