Print job sent when user logs off

XP  Pro Sr3
 Networked printers HP4250N & Imagistics IM3511
Intermittently Print jobs will not  spool until the user logs off.
I have modified the spool settings but no change.
Any help is appreciated
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rthesseAuthor Commented:
I restarted the SonciWall TZ170 firewall.  It serves as DHCP provider for the network.  After 2 weeks the problems has not returned.  Some how the Firewall was causing this issue.  I will take it up with Sonicwall to help better understand.  Thanks for the suggestions but they were not the culprit.
Have you checked Event Viewer on this system?
You might also try running SFC /SCANNOW or a Repair. Both require your OS CD and about fifteen minutes.
XP Repair:
A Repair is not designed to overwrite data but you should take precautions.
probably user profile is corrupted.Can you create a new user account,login and see if you get the same issue
rthesseAuthor Commented:
The issue is on more than one PC & more than one Printer.  I will try the Scanow on Monday Nov. 24  Thanks
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