Need to block access to while allowing, is it possible?

I need to block access to while allowing access to google search and google maps, it is at all possible?  We use websense for our filtering service.
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I would block
dannyboy266Author Commented:
i put that in the IE address bar and it took me to
Hello dannyboy266,

If suing Internet Explorer, you can put in IE Options > Seuciryt > Restricted Zone

Hope this helps!
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dannyboy266Author Commented:
is there a way to add that restricted zone to about 50 pc's at once?
Woops, correct that.  
I don't know how it can be done.
Have you simply tried doing exactly that?

That is one possibility.
Just as a trial and error kind of thing.
If you have a DNS server, add a forward lookup zone for  Use googles IP as the host record (A record, www = and then put another a record in the lookup zone for mail (A record, mail = bogus IP) and have it resolve to an incorrect IP address (such as your companies website)  this way when the computers do a look-up through DNS for the server reports back an IP address that takes them elsewhere.
You can also due this through the resricted zones via GPO if you wish.
dannyboy266Author Commented:
I think I found a easier way to do it via Websense, our filter.  created 2 policies, on one, I recategorized as a blocked URL for any category I chose, and by doing so, it left open, and, and restricts, looks like it's gonna work!

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You really should provide us with more information in the question, if any one of us knew you had websence we could have told you about that.
nevermind, I should learn to read.  :/
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