Remove Password inside bios

I have Toshiba a105-s2231 I have the bios password, but I want to remove the password completely. When I go in and try I have to put in something and I don't want anything.  How do I get around this?
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read should give you the solution...
Do you know the original password?  
and this is a laptop, not a desktop...back to the drawing board... :o)
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If you know the bios password, you just need to enter the bios and disable it, it should be on the far right hand side of the menu in the bios.
To get to the bios for a Toshiba Laptop either:
1. Just hit the F1 Key repetedly on power on.
2. Turn on computer by Holding down power button while pressing the ESC key.
The machine will beep, then display:
Check System, then press [F1] key.
Release ESC key
Press F1 key
If you do not know the bios password you must locate the battery on the motherboard (requires a lot of dis-assembly), pop it out, unplug the power and take the regular battery out. Then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
***Some laptops don't need the small battery (no dis-assembly) taken out!
These are the two best methods.
Hope this helps!

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Here you go:   Maybe you should call this person...

From a post/forum:

Bios Password Removal
May 18, 2008 - 6:09pm
Tina Tessmer (not verified)

I am a Toshiba ASP I can remove any BIOS Password (561) 574-4357

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Check this link, there is a password removal technique for the A105 model which would probably be the same as the A100. Scroll down to th A105 section
microndaAuthor Commented:
I have the password and can get into the bios.  I have to type in the current password and then enter a new password and confirm.  I don't want a new password I want to leave blank, but this is not an option.
There must be another setting in the BIOS to turn it off, have you searched the entire BIOS? Is there an option to reset the enter BIOS?

To disable BIOS password press the ESC key during a cold or reset boot until the password prompt appears, release the ESC key and enter the correct characters, press ENTER. After ENTER is pressed the 'Press F1 to enter setup'is displayed. Enter BIOS; go to the password field, press the space bar and you will be prompted for the password. Enter the correct characters, press enter and the password field will revert to Not "Registered". Subsequent boots will not prompt for a password. If the user does not have the password ALWAYS send them to an ASP, explain that we cannot help them remove a password over the phone, that they MUST bring the unit - preferably with proof of ownership to an ASP.

1. Power up computer from off condition with ESC key depressed. The unit will prompt "Password = "
2. Enter the correct password, press ENTER. Unit will display "Valid password entered, system is now starting up. Check system. Then press (F1) key"
3. Press the F1 key. This will put the unit into the BIOS setup screen.
4. Using the arrow or tab keys move to the password field, highlight REGISTERED.
5. Press the SPACEBAR, enter the correct password, press ENTER. At this time the password field will change to NOT REGISTERED
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