How can I tell which users are logged onto the network and which computers are on line?

I have a small 2003 Windows Standard network.  Where can I go to find out: 1. which users are logged onto the network and 2. which computers are turned on and connected whether anyone is logged on or not?
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From the server...Right click My Computer, click Manage. Expand Shared Folders and click Sessions. These are all the current logged in users.
gbm33Author Commented:
ChopperCentury:  Thank you for the information on the users.  What about connected computers?
Beside each user that is logged in, it will display the computer name.
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gbm33Author Commented:
ChopperCentury: Beside each user is the IP address.  How can I get the display to read the Computer Name? Also, still the question remains: How can I tell which computers are connected, even those that do not have a user logged on, i.e., those that are turned on awaiting a log on.
You can use the command 'NBTSTAT -A <ipaddress>' to get the name of a computer from a ip address using the command prompt. One option to tell which computers are on would be to write a script to ping each computer and give a report based on that. Maybe you can find some software for this - I did a quick search and was unsuccessful, but I am sure there must be something like this out there.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
If you simply want to look at the systems that are currently on your network...Here is a free IPScanner tool that will let you know what all systems are on the is free and I have used it for years:

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Thats the exact kind of tool I was looking for (granted that I did not look too long). Good find ChopperCentury!
gbm33Author Commented:
ChopperCentury: That is an excellent tool, and appears to be what I am looking for.   It would be nice to know which user(s), if any,  are logged on to an alive computer. There is a column for netBIOS user. Should the user be displayed in this column?
No. Use the first option I gave you for finding the logged in users then you can do an nslookup against their IP to know what machine name they are using.
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