Display driver does not allow hardware acceleration changes - Vista 32 bit

Vista Basic 32 bit
HP Pavillion a6110e
I want to adjust my hardware acceleration but the computer says "Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings."
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Is this a secondary monitor? Do you have dual screens enabled or clone mode?
Or is this default monitor?
Since it states generic PNP monitor?
Do you have drivers for this monitor?
I'm not runing Vista but rather xpsp2, however I do believe by default windows hides modes and settings that are not suitable for your monitor display etc.
to change hardware acceleration for ?? ( video??)  is best done via either windows media player tools performance or through the directx diagnostic console.
Remember Vista uses dirctx10.
Nvidia in Vista does not support and  can't play WMV with HardWare acceleration because nvidia decided not to support it for some reason.
So what's your actual problem?

oh here's a snapshot of my xpsp2 monitor settings

What driver version late thoughts, update the drivers?
Are you an administrator on this system?

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RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
It is the only monitor. It is an HP vs17.
Ive included some pictures of the driver.
DirectX diagnostic console? How do I find it?
I want to activate the Change settings button in the 'Troubleshoot' tab so I can be able to turn off my hardware acceleration when I need to. Or through the other ways you mentioned.
I included a picture of my monitor settings.
Should I go ahead and try to update the driver?
Yep, Im the administrator.
Click on the Start  and type "dxdiag" in Start Search. Hit return
Your monitor actually has little to do with the video graphics and hardware acceleration.
Dont know why you are missing the Troubleshoot options, Which version of Vista are you running?
Home? Business /Ultimate?

Nvidia drivers in Vista have some known bugs and many folks are complaining about it.
I'd  update the drivers to the latest, since your snap shows 2006.
Go to nvidia site and update them for Vista 32 bit. Use only nvidia from nvidia sites.
The way I update my nvidia/ gforce is to click on it
you know display advanced video card then Nvidia online
it takes you here anyway
fill in your details the card model etc Vista 32 etc. it's a big download.
Please read the read me first !!!
this works really well too
Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products

I uninstall my old nvidia first then reboot into VGA mode and install the new manually
your monitor is also analog only that may play a part.

But try the directx.
and Windows media player tools performance, not sure if you can do this with WMP 11 though
Let me know how you go
Cheers Merete
RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
My Vista is Home Basic.
My CPU is a single processor.
I tried changing the setting in Windows Media Player by un-checking Turn on DirectX Video Acceleration for WMV files (Pictures A1 and A2). Didnt work. I am clueless as to anything else I might do in this pane (Picture A2) that might work.
I tried installing the latest Nvidia Control Panel (ver 178.24). No joy.
I tried changing the setting in Nvidia Control Panel. (Pictures B1 and B2) No joy.
I tried updating the PnP Monitor driver - the 2006 one you mentioned. (Pictures C1 and C2) Did not work.
Troubleshoot tab still has faded button. (Picture D) It still says display driver will not allow changes on the hardware acceleration.
I am totally stumped.
I would be grateful for any other thoughts or ideas you might have.


I was reading Nvidia Driver Installation and it mentioned Nvidia nTune. I dont have it. Do you think it might help if I installed nTune? I have no idea if it might help my problem. What do you think?
RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the poor unreadable pictures. Here are some close-ups.
RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
Oh, and thank you for telling me how to get into my DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Here are some pictures of that.
RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
Silly me.
It seems I dont have to worry about making close-ups for unreadable pictures. Seeing them clearly is as simple as a mouse-click to open the file.
OK. I am learning :)
Well simply put
Looking in this last snap of the directx..
1Qu-209-DirectX.jpg (184 KB)
See the directx options there is no hardware acceleration.

Vista decided to keep failsafe settings
in order to keep your entire system display you cannot alter the harware acceleration as there is none .
Windows Vista is the first OS from Microsoft that "scales" to the hardware capabilities of your computer /
ref> this answers it nicely.
Sorry my friend this is yet again another snag of running Vista.
you cannot alter the hardware acceleration.
Nvidia is the best though.
Best Wishes

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RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
Stupid Vista.
Thank you Merete.
Now I can stop banging my head against the proverbial wall and move on to other things.
RipleyTheNinthAuthor Commented:
Thank you Merete.
Now I can stop banging my head against the proverbial wall and move on to other things.
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