How do I create different DHCP subnet scopes for other devices such as VOIP phones?

We have implemented a new VOIP solution and would like to take advantage of some firewall option that are availabe called traffic shaping.  In order to do this we need to have our VOIP phones on a different subnet to add a seperate interface on the Firewall.  Currently, all systems PCs, VOIP servers/phones are on the same network but our VOIP sever and VOIP phones are on its on POE GB switch. I would like to connect the VOIP POE switch directly into the Firewall.  This requires that the phones and server  have a different Subnet.  Is it possible to have DHCP issue a different IP subnet only for the VOIP phones?
Can I enter the MAC address of the phones so that DHCP can identify them?
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stsonlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, you can set up your DHCP server to issue leases for any subnet you wish. Configure the new DHCP scope with the new subnet, configure your phones to use this server for DHCP, and as long as the routing is configured correctly you shouldn't have a problem. You may want to create DHCP Reservations by MAC address so the DHCP server will always give a phone the same IP - you do that on the DHCP server within the Scope settings as well.
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