Need help setting DHPC options in Windows 2003 Server for Nortel IP Phones.

Here is my configuration:

I have one Nortel BCM 400 switch with several IP phones.  Right now I have to configure the phones manually to find the BCM IP server.  The server operates on port 7000.

My question is, how what DCHP scope options do I need to set so the phones automatically find the server at an IP address and connect to port 7000?  This would be the Primary Terminal Proxy Server (S1) and the  Port, Action and Retry Count options.

Thanks in advance.
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LMI-IT-GuyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok. I figured it out; here is the solution:
In Windows 2003 Server:
  1. Click Start>Administrative Tools>DHCP.
  2. Right Click on the Server
  3. Click on Set Predefinded Options
  4. Click "Add..."
  5. Type in  a Name - I chose  "Nortel VIOP Options 2004)
  6. Select Data Type of String
  7. Under Code Enter 128 (or whatever other user defined code the device accepts)
  8. Type in  a descriptioon if you desire
  9. Select OK
  10. Type in a string value and hit OK (I used): "Nortel-i2004-A,,1,2."
  11. Configure your scope options as you normally would.
Nortels' guide to this is attached.

Maybe you have an option to configure your BCM switch as DHCP Relay Agent for your IP Phones. DHCP Relay Agent will take IPs from your DHCP.
In the BCM Element Manager, open Data Sources - DHCP Server - DHCP Settings tab.  Change the DHCP Mode option to "DHCP RelayAgent'" then add your DHCP server IP addresses in the DHCP Servers windows.  If the DHCP servers are in a different subnet from your phones, make sure your switches have the DHCP relay server option set up to point to the servers.
I didn't have to set any special options in the DHCP scopes to get the relay to work, by the way.
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