VPN Connection via OpenBSD

We have an OpenBSD firewall as the entry point to a small network of 4 Windows 2003 servers.
Could you give me some step by step instructions on how to set up the firewall so I can VPN into one of the servers from my Home PC?
I have fix IPs at both ends (point to point VPN) and Vista Business at home.
The firewall uses pf.conf for IP translation.
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Syed Mutahir AliConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
Hi Milhaisz,

IPSEC is not neccessarily with certificates, but you can use pptp, as far as Opening ports on BSD Firewall, I will have to look into it ; I will keep you posted on this and hopefully will have something by tomorrow; moreover did the attached pdf helped you ? I think it might be able to direct you in opening ports on Open Bsd Firewall.

Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:

What Kind of vpn is that ? PPTP or IPSEC ?
Check the following link for Ports used in PPTP, I have attached a OPENBSD PF ebook tutorial which will help you understand port redirection and filtering .


Will update as and when you reply

Hope this helps

mihaiszAuthor Commented:
Thanks mutahir!
I'm not very familiar with VPN protocols... All I want to do is to connect my home PC (Vista Business) to one of my Windows 2003 servers via the OpenBSD firewall. Does Windows know both PPTP and IPSEC?
Is this as simple as opening some ports on the firewall, configuring the the VPN Server Service on Win 2003 (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc736357.aspx), and configuring the VPN client on Vista?
Everything will be point to point (fix IP to fix IP) so I'm looking for the easiest solution to accomplish this.
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mihaiszAuthor Commented:
I read some articles about this and my understanding is that IPSEC is with Cetificates, which I don't want to use at this point. So PPTP would be enough.
mihaiszAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mutahir.
I'm getting closer to a solution. The biggest issue is opening the tunnel through the Firewall, and the GRE protocol 47 in particular. I know how to forward PPTP port 1723.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Oh, are you stuck in the right commands for opening the tunnel ?

I will look into it and will post here ASAP.

Best of Luck
mihaiszAuthor Commented:
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