Citrix printing to a print server

Can not get a critix client to print to a shared printer on a print server.  I can print from all local apps on pc to the install network shard printer just fine.  However, when I open the citrix plubished app and print to the same printer "set a default printer", it tells me I do not have any printers installed.

When I create the networked shared printer as a local printer with the driver installed locally, I can print to the printer but it is very slow.  So, why when I add the printer from the print server, does it not print.  We have several other pc that can print to network print server shared printer just fine but not this one.  The networked shared printer on print server is shared to "everyone".
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breneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the Presentation Server Console, add your printers from the print server in the Printer Management section and you can also configure a printer policy in the same console. The policy provides the options for how these network printers are installed for each user connection or which one/s are installed.
RickHancockAuthor Commented:
This fixed it.
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