Inter Asterisk Calling


I'm trying to setup my dialplan to allow calling asterisk users at different domains.

The IAX trunk between the domains are working 100%

The requirement though is to dial a user either with or via an numeral extension (When the call originates from the PSTN). Preference is to the

Is this accomplished via pattern matching with contexts (ie is there a "better" way of doing this via asterisk ? (Does asterisk do any type of DNS resolution WITHIN it's dialplan?)

Can an extension be referenced with both a numeric number ( 1 800 555 8520) as well as a character reference (i.e. Or would this only be possible with two seperate extensions?

Please correct me in my thinking and any advice would be appreciated !

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Generally you do it using internal extension numbers.
So to take my home phone system as an example it connects to the office system via IAX. I can dial a number normally and it goes out via my telephone line but if I dial an extension (starts with a 6), or 9 for an office outside line then it gets sent to the office system :-

exten => _[6-9].,1,Dial(IAX2/${EXTEN},60,tT)

The number I dialed is passed over to the office PBX with the number I dialed set as the destination to be called.
Wicus001Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

Yet, I finally found the perfect solution to my question:-

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