what is meant by hotmail when it says "phishing scam"?

I'm getting alot of junk mail in my Hotmail inbox. There is a drop down box that lets me clasify messages as phishing scam. Does this mean that the next time that sender tries to e-mail me, it will be blocked, sent to the delete box or what?
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I'm no expert of Hotmail.  It is very functional as a web based email application.  I personally would recommend a gmail account because they don't charge for using the pop service.  This means you can use an application like outlook or thunderbird to download your email to your computer.  With these applications also comes junk folders and the ability to classify something as junk and the next time that person/email address sends you another item it will be delt with automatically or by however you set your filtering up.  If you classify an email as a phishing scam, the email should be blocked or deleted.
I would be more than happy to help setup an email account on gmail if you would like and I can assist you in setting up outlook or thunderbird for use with gmail.  I don't own google or anything like that, I'm just trying to provide you with another option.
Hello nickg5,

In Hotmail nothing is automatically blocked.  You will be given the ability to report the email to Hotmail and give the details.The info will be checked ,verified and then used in the anti phishing system.

Hope this helps!

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nickg5Author Commented:
looking for the answer to the feature in hotmail..............what it does with the e-mails you designate as phishing scam.....It says SCAM not spam.
nickg5Author Commented:
You will be given the ability to report the email to Hotmail and give the details.

.....not seeing or being given this option.........
I've been marking all junk in inbox as phishing scam.........15+ already today.........wondering if the same ones will arrive again.
Doing the domain blockage is slow when I get 5-6 per hour while at work.
Hi Nickq5,
this option means that you classify the message as a scam attempt through the method of phishing. Such messages are reported to the service providers (gmail also has a similar choice), in order to investigate it and warn you the next time somebody tries to send you messages of the kind. The message you received as far as it concerns your system is unwanted and you ll have to do as usual with the unwanted messages.
I hardly get any spam in my GMail inbox. If you're worried about moving to gmail because you'll lose email from your old hotmail address, try the following to set up a forwarder to send hotmail email straight into your lovely spam-free gmail account.

1. Go to your Hotmail Inbox
2. In the Mid Right Hand Corner click on the word Options
3. Under the Heading, Customize your mail, click on Mobile Alerts For New Messages.
4. The click on Sign up for Windows Live Mobile - it's free and easy!
5. Click on your network provider (O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin)
6. The page will refresh to enter your mobile number WITHOUT the first zero, eg: 71234567890 and press Next
7. Read the agreement and check the box, I have read and agree to the pricing and terms of use, if you agree then click Next
8. You will recieve a Confirmation code eg: 2008 normally a 4 digit number, to your phone and enter this from your phone onto the page, and click Next
9. Once that page has refreshed, look half way down the page and it will have a heading, Hotmail Alerts, where it says Recieve alerts when: make sure you highlight Do not send me Hotmail alerts, otherwise Hotmail will charge you 20p per alert (unless you want them that it lol)
10. Then click Done.
11. Then at the top of the page in the middle click on Hotmail, which will take you back to your Inbox.
12. Top right, and click on Options again
13. Then under the heading Manage you account, click on Forward mail to another e-mail account
14. Then click in the box for Forward your mail to another email address, and enter the email address into the box and click on Save
15. Click on Options again
16. Then under the heading Customize your mail, click on Mobile alerts for new messages
17. Then click on, Sign up for Windows Live Mobile - it's free and easy! which will then take you to Windows Live Mobile otions menu
18. Under The Heading My Account click on Change Alert Delivery Service
19. Have the Alert Delivery set to Off, then click Save
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