Vista Randomly Blue Screens - Most hardware replaced

Hi Everyone

I've been plagued with this problem for a month now and can't seem to resolve it.

My hardware (now replaced to this):

Asus P5Q Deluxe Mainboard
4 gig Team Xtreme Memory 1066
Intel Q9450 Standard Clocks (2.66ghz)
2 X WD Velociraptor 300gig Drives in a Raid0 on the Intel ICH10r Controller
Nvidia 280GTX
Soundblaster Live 5.1
Windows Vista x64

Anyway, I keep getting this annoying blue screen of death. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I've attached minidumps for someone to analyse. I've had a look, but the problems seem to be random.

They used to hit me the most during large HDD transfers, or when I hit the machine from the network. It would simply BSOD.

Also, it would hang badly and then not do anything, not even BSOD.

If someone could look at confirm that the problem is Hardware related, I would be greatly appreciative. I've tried upgrading all drivers, and even trying the machine fresh, with just a windows install with not third party drivers, and it still BSOD's.


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jonathanpaceAuthor Commented:
Please extract and rename the files to ####.dmp

The Site kept blocking them.

Sounds like you have a bad RAM block. Have you added any new RAM to your machine lately. If so try to remove the block and then test your system
1st :   IMAGE_NAME:  memory_corruption
2nd : IMAGE_NAME:  ntkrnlmp.exe
3rd : IMAGE_NAME:  win32k.sys
4th : IMAGE_NAME:  memory_corruption

so the most likely is bad ram

how many sticks do you have?  if 4, try with 2

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jonathanpaceAuthor Commented:
hey, thanks for the answers.

I replaced the ram, and it started to blue screen again.

I've had a bit more of a search around, and found that 2 x Velociraptors in a Raid0 in the intel ICH8\9\10r controller have problems with "LPM"

Its a bug in vista. And this is how it goes:

Microsoft Blames Intel
Intel Blames Vista
WD Technical support says do a defrag..

Here is a quote from someone who fixed it:

Well for those who still have problem running their 300GB velociraptors in Raid0 on the ICH9R (or ICH8R and ICH10R).
Here is how i got my two 300GB Velociraptors working in Raid0 on my ASUS P5E3 Premium wifi_AP @n (ICH9R) with a Vista 64 Ultimate installation.
1. Make sure you PC is disconnected form the internet.
2. Disconnect any additional devices from the Intel Matrix Controler
2. Delete your current array
3. Plug drives in SATA-ports 3 and 5 (you can try port 4, but mine dint work, if you have more then 2 drives in the array you have a problem)
4. Use the Free Dos version of killdisk on both drives for atleat 30 mins (it will kill all little partitions on the drives and zero most of the sectors)
5. Rebuild the raid0 array (CTRL+I). 
6. Launch Vista instal from dvd. At the device selection screen, load the latest driver for the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager (current v8.5.0.1032). Delete any current partition (if there is any), then make new partion and format it. Press next to start installation.
7. First time you get to desktop enter registies. Delete both Parameter folders from the iaStor and iaStorV registry folders in the the Vista registry. 
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlS et\Services\iaStor
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlS et\Services\iaStorV
8. Reboot. Now you shouldnt experience any system freezes/pauzes, lockups or BSOD's
9. Install latest ICH9R drivers from Intel and other device drivers for your system. Shutdown.
10. Connect additional devices to the Intel Matrix Controler and connect your PC to the internet. Reboot and run Vista Update for the first time.

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jonathanpaceAuthor Commented:
oh, and the link fom that post is from here:
OK..glad that you found the reason to your bluescreens :-)
jonathanpaceAuthor Commented:
THanks for the diagnosis on the DMP files too. Much appreciated.
jonathanpaceAuthor Commented:
The blue screens have been diagnosed for me, but the real error was the Western Digital 300gig Velociraptors and the intel ICH9r and ICH10r controllers.

They simply aren't compatible, both intel and Western digital have admitted this. So I advise caution if anyone was thinking of going this way.

Thanks for all of your help

tx for the feedback !
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