Need Firewall for Win XP 64 and Win XP 32


Is there a proven non-buggy bidirectional firewall that works on both WinXP 32 and WinXP 64?

The WinXP firewall is not a viable option, as it doesn't have enough control of outbound traffic.

Kaspersky supports WinXP and Vista 32/64... any opinions on Kaspersky firewall?

Comodo appears to be buggy in Vista 64... any opinions on Comodo for WinXP 64?

ZoneAlarm and Norton are falling behind... ZA doesn't support 64-bit OS's, and Norton's 64-bit support appears to be spotty.

I need individual firewall controls for internet access and local network access.  The requirement is to lock out internet access (as needed), while allowing full local network access.

This means the firewall must be configurable to stop 100% of bidirectional internet traffic (including all WinXP outbound traffic), while allowing 100% of local network traffic.

I need a feature similar to ZoneAlarm's dual zone controls (internet, and local zones), that allows full individual control of traffic in the two zones.

Again, the firewall must work well in both WinXP 32 and WinXP 64.

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bignewfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a free product, it is packed with features that subscription firewalls offer. I am impressed that it has a built in host instrusion system. This product "learns" your computers network activity and builds a security profile from this. It gets great reviews. Also, it has very little "overhead" on the os's performance.

Again, a great product at a great price!!!!
The new Symantec Enpoint Protection System(EPS) works beautifully on 32 and 64bit OS's. Has nice configurable policies.
you might also consider an inexpensive hardware firewall, such as a watchguard or cisco pix 501 (although this can be difficult to configure for a beginner)
once a hardware firewall is configured, it is more stable and predictable than a software firewall

The Kapersky firewall is also a good choice, I like all their products
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If you have multiple hosts to firewall, I would suggest the hardware option as above.

You can get cheap Juniper NS5GTs which are quite easy to set up and administer.
Tx74Qp853mRAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the posts,

A hardware firewall doesn't provide the granular control that a software firewall provides (i.e. control at the individual network node level), which is clearly a benefit in some situations.  Hardware firewalls are good at enforcing global rules for the entire local network, but often we need to set rules at the local network node level.

Any opinions on the Comodo firewall / antivirus suite?  It handles 32 and 64 bit XP and Vista, and it's free without tech support.
Tx74Qp853mRAuthor Commented:
Any opinions on the Comodo firewall / antivirus suite?  It handles 32 and 64 bit XP and Vista, and it's free if you choose not to purchase tech support -- reposting this part of my previous post as it didn't receive any replies.
Tx74Qp853mRAuthor Commented:
I'll try Comodo, and perhaps later Kaspersky.

Thanks for the replies.

Happy Thanksgiving !
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