Active Directory Integrated Web Calendar (500 pts)


I would like a calendar that is web based which allows domain users to log in and add events if they are part of a certain security group.  If they are not part of this security group they could just view the calendar only.  Do any of you know of any calendars out there that integrate with Active Directory?

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andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What about Exchange server? Will that do what you want?
Good luck.
From website:
"Thyme is a robust, web-based calendar suite. It can be used as a personal planner, a company or organization's event calendar, an RSS gateway, an iCalendar service, an application embedded into your PHP enabled web site or intranet. Many people use it as a remote calendar, updatable by Mozilla Sunbird, Apple iCal, and other programs that support this. See our documentation section for more information on any specific feature. "
It has a module for authentication against Active Directory 2003: 
ssd-techAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, decided to go with Sharepoint.
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