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Hi, I use sbs 2003 and want to give ever domain user access to only his user folder located on the server and dont even want to show any other user folder.

Can I write some login script to do this?
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Or just use the home directory section under ADUC.  You will have to create the share on the server (everyone permissions), and then under the profile tab (ADUC) in the Home Folder local path just type in \\servername\sharename\home\%username%

This will automatically connect their H: drive to that share and they WILL NOT be able to see any other directories besides their own as they are the creator/owners of their own folders, plus it maps a drive so you don't have to.  Also you can use the Connect: option and then define the drive and then use the same share named above.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Why not just use folder re-direction
That way the users My Documents is redirected automatically - the user will be unaware of any change and all the folder permissions etc are set automatically
Home being a created directory.
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