Page Header Repeats On Blank Pages

hi Experts,

This  maybe difficult to troubleshoot since you cannot se my report.

I've a page header and it supposed to repeat on every page, but it somehow shows on every page and on every other page it's just the header and no data from the table.

The page header consists of texboxs and the lenght does not exceed the report layout size.
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jgvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you select the report body, you should see "Body" as the selected object in the properties window. The width in the screenshot is 7.5. The page width is 8.5 and the left and right margins are set to 0.5 each. This allows a maximum body width of 8.5 - 0.5 - 0.5 =  7.5. If for example, the report body was 7.511 then a second page would be printed to accomodate the extra width. The report height works the same way but it's pretty rare that you exceed the height in a report.
This is likely because your report is too wide for the layout and what can't fit on the first page spills onto the next page. Click somewhere on the report body (where there are no objects). You should see the width in the Size property. If the body width exceeds the page width minus left & right margin then you have to make the report width smaller or reduce the page margins.
allanau20Author Commented:
that's what I thought, but don't seem to find the cause. Will keep on digging. thanks.
allanau20Author Commented:
Eureka -- that's it!

Thanks again!
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