2 networks

we have 2 businesses running from 1 internet connection, recently 1 computer got infected with a virus which spread to all computers for both businesses.

is there any way to completely separate both networks without having to buy any extra hardware and both being able to access the internet, we have a netgear DG834G.

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jckingjcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi aarondarr,

It depends on do you have a server runing DHCP and DC in both business? Or you have a basic workgroup network in two business.

Here are some reading to start with.


Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you are not sharing any services between the two companies, other than the Internet, and assuming you have no incoming services such as hosting a web server or Mail server, the best bet is to add two routers so that the two companies are totally isolated from one another. This would only cost $100. I'll bet you spent more than that cleaning up the virus. They can still share the same internet access, such as:


Alternatively an inexpensive method that works reasonably well is to enable the Windows firewall on all PC's, however if they are doing file and print sharing you cannot completely close that. If you want to take the time to edit the firewall on each PC, or if you have a domain you can use group policy, and edit the firewall scope options for any service such as File and Print Sharing to only allow a specific range of IP's.
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