Pooling mechanism to be used in J2EE projects

Can somebody help me in identifying pooling mechanism to use in application?
Resource pooling such as connection pooling is available through different ways - application server, ORM (Hibernate) are known to me.
Any other ways available?
and which is the best way? why?
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n_sachin1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In the application server environment, you would normally configure hibernate to use the resources/services like transaction manager, connection pooling etc. directly from the application server.

The ones provided by hibernate are best used in non-application server environments
Its a common feature given by most of the application servers. I would prefer going with application-server pooling mechanism (until I know for sure that the performance bottleneck is due to this pooling).
I would probably suggest configuring the resource pooling specific to individual application. In this case, the ideal way would be configuring it as part of hibernate properties rather at an application level. This would help us to individually configure the resource pooling and run multiple applications on a single application sever based on the different needs and environment of the different applications.

make sense?
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