OU problems in SBS

I have recently run up a new SBS installation (stock standard, nothing different)

Everytime I go to use the wizard to add a new user, I get the following error message:

"The required organizational units do not exist and are required by the wizard. Run Small Business Server again and reinstall the administrative component."

I have managed to track down a similar question on this site (http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Server/SBS_Small_Business_Server/Q_22037312.html) and in it Jeff (TechSoEasy) advises "Reinstalling components on SBS is a standard maintenance procedure... you should not be reluctant to do that."

My question is:How exactly do I reinstall this component (as it looks like there is no Security Group installed)? Can this reinstallation be done with no risk to existing data?

The fact that there is no Security Group showing in AD doesn't seem to affect anything except the wizards (and a lot of red in the Error Logs) but I would rather get it right.

Jeff, are you out there?

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Hello differduffer,

I once had this problem on an SBS server I inherited, where they had renamed the OU from MyBusiness to something else. Can you confirm the OUs exist with the same name as Jeff mentions in t22037312?

differdufferAuthor Commented:
Hey djMundy

No, the problem is different than in that question. I am missing "Security Groups" and all it contains (which is only what the installation originally put there.). Everything else is as Jeff outlined.

Hi differduffer,

You say that the "Security Groups" OU is missing from Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)?

I wonder whether the groups that normally reside there have been created somewhere else... can you do a search in ADUC for any of the following groups:

Administrator Templates
Domain Power Users
Fax Operators
Folder Operators
Mail Operators
Mobile Users
Power User Templates
Remote Operators
Remote Web Workplace Operators
SharePoint Administrators
Usage Report Users

If you find them somewhere else, where were they?

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differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks Daniel

None of these found, I think I must have deleted Security Groups by mistake when I was running up the server and now need to replace it.

Can you guide me?
I think the best idea would be to re-run SBS Setup from CD1, you won't lose any data, just make sure to choose the same options as when you first ran the setup.


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Having said that, make sure you have a backup if there is any data on the server yet :)
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks Daniel, I think it would be best to do a complete re-install. I'll see how I go doing a repair first and go from there.
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