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I have 2 web applications running simultaneously.  The 1st web application is running from the root.  So, it is accessed through http://localhost.  The 2nd web application is running under a different context and is accessed by http://localhost/web-app-2.  I have links in the 2nd web app that I want to point back to the 1st web app.  When I use <h:outputLink value="/home.jsp">Home</outputLink>, the link is rendered as <a href="/web-app-2/home.jsp">Home</a>.  Can I use the outputLink tag to render the following: <a href="/home.jsp">Home</a>?
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Bart CremersConnect With a Mentor Java ArchitectCommented:
I don't think you can render it to "/home.jsp", but you can achieve what you want easily by writing:

    <h:outputlink value="/../home.jsp">Home</h:outputLink>
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