Wireless network connection keeps disconnecting

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ok I have two laptops both are Thinkpads one has XP and the other has Vista
the one on xp has issues all the sudden connecting to our wireless router
I am not sure what to do to diagnose the issue
all the while my vista thinkpad stays connected and works fine non stop

on the xp machine I go into Wireless Network Connections and I see the wifi there highlight it and hit connect and it does its thing and seems to connect the icon at the bottom still has a red x but I can brows the internet fine for around 10 min and then all the sudden it stops
but everything is fine on the other computer
if I restart the xp machine and try again I get another 5 min

where do I start?
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1. Re-install Drivers, get new ones from Manufacturer
2. Delete Wireless connection and re-add
3. If Laptop is under warranty call manufacturer as it may well be a bad wireless adapter.

Hope this helps!
If wireless almost out of the range, it can do that- might want think the way increase signal.
On mean time, right click "network icons"- "reapair" - instead of powercycling.
Simple way  increase signal- move wireless router away from the metal, raise above ground, move to the most "central" location, use "external antenna"- you can find a lot of variation on a web, just search for it.
Also you can "ip caonfig -all" from PC CMD, and assign this range manually, to prevent extra DHCP traffic, other PC will not grab the same , if one already detected.
There is a lot "small" things you can do , but above is the first one.
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Look for interference from other devices in your home. 2.4 Ghz phones, microwave ovens etc.... Because the problem is happening on both machines, it is either interference(less likely) or a bad wifi access point(start here).


no on my vista machine everything is fine
this is only happening on the XP machine
Is there is a diffrents in a signal string? Locations of the machine? speed by http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

and any other details might be usefull?
Did you re-do the drivers etc. as I suggested?


not yet was going to try that as soon as I got home

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