How do I connect 2 hubs and a switch to the internet

I have 2 hubs and a switch that I need to connect together so that employees can use the internet.
I will be connecting a hub or switch to the wall where the internet will be coming from. I want to connect the other hub or switch and make it a daisy chain. Both of the hubs have uplink ports. What is the best way to set this up? Thank You
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If they are all on the same IP subnet, each with a differnt IP address then simply connect the uplink port using a straight-through cat5 cable of one hub to a regular port of the next and so on.  You will need to connect the last one to a router's LAN port and the internet to the router's WAN port.  I would suggest paying for someone to set this up for you.
just put one one uplinlk from hub to switch , be careful do not connect cable between a hub , else ther will be loop

      |       |
    Hub   Hub

you can connect useres in switch as well as hub

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