Windows Memory Diagnostics Locks-up During Testing

I have a 4 year old server with a ASUS PR-DLS533 motherboard. During a recent reboot I noticed the warnings that the event log on the motherboard was full. When reviewing the logs the errors referred to ECC memory errors. Okay one of the 3 banks of 2 (1gb) memory modules was bad. Using MemTest 86+ I was able to locate and remove the faulty memory module. I also discovered that the clip that held the chipset heat sink in place had broken. So the heatsink was laying at the bottom of the case. Since the clip isn't repairable I've used Artic Silver thermal adhesive to reattach the heatsink.

Only here's my question. I also attempted to run the Windows Memory Diagnostics test utility on this system. Just to verify the damaged memory had been removed. But shortly after the test is started (1-2 minutes) it locks up. No errors.

What could the cause be? Is the chipset damaged because of it not having a heatsink for an unknow lenght of time? I've tried swapping the remaining memory modules around and running the WMD test. But with the same results.

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To me this seems your problem :
>>  Since the clip isn't repairable I've used Artic Silver thermal adhesive to reattach the heatsink.  <<

this does not fix the heatsink, so your CPU can still reach overtemp   >>   replace the clip, or heatsink
monitor your cpu temp with      

but it can be your mobo, or cpu took a hit, and must be replaced
nexlynxAuthor Commented:
It's not the CPU, but the clipset chip on the motherboard that lost the heatsink. The attachments/hooks on the motherboard have completely broken off, there's no repair. The only side effect I can see that's noticable in Windows Server 2003 is that once in awhile (for no apparent reason) the cpu processes are running quite high, 70-80% or higher. But after several minutes it returns to normal.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Use Memtest86+ rather than the Windows Memory Diagnostic.

Windows could well be getting in the way and interfering with the test.

The chipset may or may not be damaged.  You can't really tell.  Just keep monitoring the Event Logs and keep a good backup handy.  What I tend to do with my home machines is screw a small fan on top of the Southbridge chipset to give it extra cooling.  You could consider doing something similar.
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>>  The attachments/hooks on the motherboard have completely broken off, there's no repair.    <<   this means a new motherboard , sorry
nexlynxAuthor Commented:
Okay my initial question still hasn't been answered.
Windows Memory Diagnostics utility doesn't run from within Windows. It boots from a CD. If anyone knows what would cause it to just freeze/lock-up after a couple minutes of running without any errors messags.
this causes it :  >>   The attachments/hooks on the motherboard have completely broken off
i think you do not like what i suggested; but imho it is the  reason : overtemp of the cpu
nexlynxAuthor Commented:
The problem isn't the CPU! Read the original question carefully. The heatsink in question is on the chiipset, NOT the CPU. And my question was regarding the function of the software.
well - if the chip overheats, it can lock up the all boils down to the same...
bad hardware = bad results...

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