Are there external PCI 'slots' enclosures that connect and function via USB?

I will be deploying some satellite receivers, and the cards are PCI.  I don't really want to crack open the cases of many, many computers, so I wondered if there was such a thing as an external PCI adapter that runs over USB.   If so any experience with reliability?  Of course recommended models and such welcome.
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I do not think such an adapter exists - the PCI bus is completely different from the USB architecture, and so would require handshaking electronics and converters.  I found an external PCI adapter, but it requires a host card:
No and yes, no there is no enclosure to connect pci to usb to my knowledge.
Yes there are such a system that you can put pci in it, please check the following link, they have several models: 

You may check the following links, but I've no idea about them:
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