How do I improve Crystal Reports 2008 performance?

Any inputs on improving Crystal Reports 2008 performance?

The rpt files used in both the application (VB and c#) are same. Only difference is crystal version is different. (for VB its crystal 2006 and C# its 2008)
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There is no CR2006.  I assume you really have CR XI.

You are most  likely using much different calling methods and display methods.

The VB6 is probably using the RDC which no longer exists in CR2008.

The differences may be in the Crystal viewer or your code.

Are they running on the same machine?

Same OS?

Obviously the C# is running in the .Net framework while the VB is running as a COM application.  That could be the difference.

SameerJagdaleAuthor Commented:


rpt files are of CR 6.

Following is the architecture for both the apps
-  You fetch data from mainframe
-  parse and store the data in local mdb
-  bind the report to mdb

The logic of parsing and storing the data into local mdb differs in both the apps. Resultant mdb is same in both the apps. Also query for fetching the data from the mainframe is same. Also there is a difference in CR versions as stated earlier.

- VB6 uses RDC which no longer exists in CR2008 !!
Sameer: is it valid in the above architecture?

- C# is running in the .Net framework while the VB is running as a COM application.  
Sameer: Yes (for both the points), but I need some artifacts to support that CR 2008 takes more time than CR6 to display the report if the architecture and other parameters like hardware etc. remain same.
Any help would be appreciated!
Did you import the CR6 files into CR2008 and then save as CR2008 files or are you using the same report files for both applications?

Since it is CR6 you are probably using the OCX rather than the RDC.

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SameerJagdaleAuthor Commented:
They are the same rpt files directly reused in 2008.
The problem is when you open it in CR2008, it takes time for CR2008 to convert it from the CR6 format to CR2008 format.

Have you tried opening the report in CR2008 then saving it.
Make a copy of the report.  Once changed it cannot go back to CR6 format.

Use that one in the CR2008 application. CR6 cannot open it.


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SameerJagdaleAuthor Commented:
I presume there could be multiple factors affecting the performance. mlmcc did help me to understand some.. thanks for that.
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