RDP to branch network

Hi !
I have very specific problem, hope that someone can help.

My network, which is on subnet 192.168.0.x makes a permanent vpn connection through demand-dial  to my branch office which is on subnet 192.168.5.x ! When I make a connection (VPN tunnel) I can ping entire network but RDP is not working.
The problem lies in Cisco router which is not forwarding 3389 to branch network.

Strange is that my server, which is making demand-dial call can connect with RDP to any machine as needed, and client computers can`t. I have route through 192.168.5.x network through that server (as I said, ping is working fine, as tracert (knows to find a way to that network but also stops on Cisco router interface)).
Sholuldn`t my VPN tunnel go through Cisco router ???

How do I configure it to allow RDP traffic from my network (static IP) throgh Cisco to branch network ?
I do not need connecting to only one server, but I need access to entire network (RDP to some, VNC to some etc. ).

Many thanks !
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meugenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a solution would be to change the port of RDP on the servers from remote branch office.
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