I am new to I inherited        A  big project,  I have some questions
1.      What  file do I look for to get the whole thing loaded in studio 2008
2.      Can I just edit .aspx file without messing  anything up
3.      The project has a database element to it. I have to make a testbed on my pc  but I just have the standard version without the sql access tools but I have sql 2005.
Can I build my database using  Microsoft SQL 2005 that is accessible by an  application built In studio 2008

Thanks Brian

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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. A sln-file (solution file). If there is no sln-file, you'll need to load all the project-files (.proj) into one solution
2. Yes you can
3. You just need to configure the correct connectionstring in your application
ASliborskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.      Solutions file (.sln). Sometimes if you use Web FOlder projects, you just open project as Folder in Studio - it automatically includes all the files into project.
2.      Technically you can edit just ASPX files without using code behind, but it's a VERY bad practice. Because it leads to "spagetti code" that is hard to support, understand and even write. So better use correspondent Code-behind files (with names XxxFileName.aspx.cs)
3.      Yes, of course. Just use SqlConnection, SqlDataAdapter, SqlDataReader etc and configure Connection String to create connections
bdavid35Author Commented:
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