I have sharepoint 2003 installed on our applicaiton server.

    I have sharepont 2003 installed on application server. This share point have two virtual servers (i.e Sing & Asia Pac Website) already existing and using the same database server but different database name and layouts.
Now i would like to create one more virtual server for China (i.e chian site). I copied same folder structure as Sing and created a new virtual site under IIS also i setup the content database (China db) in the sharepoint admin page for this China site.

The problem is either Sing or China site is working when i remove and add content database to this virtual servers.
As i copied files from Sing website,  so the web.config file also i didn't change anything, could be the cause of the problem?

My purpose of creating the same site as Sing with different database name (China) for china users to test the site.

Could anyone help me on that?

Thank you.
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aneethatConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved the problem by myself. I had two ISAPI filter specified in my virtual site. I removed one of the ISAPI filter and solved the problem. I would like to close this question.
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