Problem creating HTMLBody infoormation in Outlook OlMailItem..

I have a VBA script which I'm running in Word to create emails containing the Word document and an  attachment.

It works fine except for the fact it uses

.Body = ActiveDocument.Content which removes all the formatting from the Word document.

I want to email the Word Document as it is, formatted.

I thought I would try .HTMLBody and do it that way, but I don't know  how to get the text contained in ActiveDocument.Content into an HTML Tag.

Any help appreciated.
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2 main options:

1. Use Word-Api  to convert to html
2. Send as attachment
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Ah thanks, any pointers to option one?

The thing is this is for a hotel.

 They are mailing their travel agents and the like and have a preformatted Word Document with their      logo etc..the attachment is the latest price list.

Up until now they have done it manually sending 20 or so at a time, but want to automate it.

They also send the info to some clients by Fax, and it's important to them that the email looks similar to the Fax.
Document.SaveAs(...) , with FileFormat set to WdSaveFormat.wdFormatHTML

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chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm now trying to convert VBA to VB .NET ;-)
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