Restart network pc

I have few computer which are connected with workgroup in local network
i want to restart from my pc to network pc please tell me command ot any tool
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dkarpekinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use GUI- "Remote Desktop"  if it will be easy enouf.
"Remote Desktop"  - is on all XP Pr, Win2003/2008/Vista.
Not on Win Home edition, Win2000/Me.
Under computer-properties- enable remote desktop- add users, who can do that. This ussialy disable by default.
shutdown -i

add the pc names and if your domain admin you can shutdown and restart
patelanand81Author Commented:
but we do not have Domain ,it is just flat netwprk
srepphanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may still use the shutdown command on NETBIOS workgroups as long as you are an administrator on the local pc(s) you wish to restart. Open a command prompt and type shutdown /?
It's a very useful command, only works if RPC is responding on the remote computer though.
Did the shutdown command work for you?
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