Backup Fails to USB ExtHDD over night

Hi Experts,

I have a couple of customers that have Arcserve and 5 USB ExtHDD's on rotation (WD Passport if it makes a differnce).  They are setup fine on a File system device and the test runs, pre-flight checks and accessing the drive from windows is all fine.

When the backup runs at 23:00 it fails.  Setup Windows NT backup at the same time and that also fails with the following errors:

Arcserve gives this error:

NT Backup gives this error:
Error: The device reported an error on a request to write data to media.

If i schedule the backup for 18:00 it works fine.  Checked windows power management and all off.

Totally confused.
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Go into the database media view and delete this tape from then. Also install updates, link provided in your other post.
FlatsiAuthor Commented:
I am also getting this fault when the media is reported as blank in the device view and the preflight check passes in the day.

The windows backup is just backing up to a file location (f:\) when the drive is blank and still getting the error from that program also.
Is it possible the external drives are power down and require a few seconds to spin up ?

I hope this helps !

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Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
Hi Flatsi,

What you are seeing is a typical problem when you setup FSDs on a Removable drives. Please do this when ever you are changing the USB drives and then update if you see the same errrors.

Before disconnecting the other USB drive, Stop CA services by running cstop.bat, ensure that there are no backups scheduled at that time or any jobs running.

Detach the drive from the machine and attach the disk to the machine. Wait for 10 15 seconds and then start CA services by running the cstart.bat file.

Arcserve gives this error:

This error happens if you have not stopped the CA services and disconnected the usb drive and then connected another drive. What arcserve does is when you start ca serivces (tape engine service) it tries to inventory what are the media available and it does cross check in case of FSDs or tape librarys unless you either do a manualy inventory (incase of tape library) or stop and start tape engine in case of FSDs

update after following the above said practice


FlatsiAuthor Commented:
Hi bhanukir7,

Both customers are stopping the engine before safely removing the hardware and then starting it again after connecting that days drive.

It seems that SysExpert might have the fault.  I tried doing a simple xcopy batch file and the first time i ran it it failed (first drive access today), i ran it a few seconds later and it was fine.

Trying to setup a batch file to run on a pre job run that will just copy a single file to the drive and loop while it fails:

xcopy d:\copy.txt f:\ /y
IF not %errorlevel% 0 GOTO Start

I cannot get this to work! any ideas?
FlatsiAuthor Commented:
Managed to get the batch file working:

xcopy d:\copy.txt f:\ /y
IF errorlevel 1 GOTO start

Setup for tonight at 23:00 and will report back on Monday.
FlatsiAuthor Commented:
Ok, the batch file seems to work, both customers backup went through at 23:00.

Thanks guys,
Points awarded to SysExpert.
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