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Language packs doesnt show up

Hi, im trying to create a vista installation with 15 languages, but when installed i only get the one language that i choose to install it with, when i go into "Install/Uninstall a language" from the control panel, i want all the 15 languages to be available, but i only have the 1 language that i chooses at the begining of the vista installation, in that windows all the languages pops up in their different languages, and the intlcfg -report and lang.ini indicates that all the languages have been installed. here is a quick overview of the procedure i have taken during this configuration:

windows_distribution = the folder where i have my fresh vista installation in
C:\LPs = the folder where i have all my languagepacks
mkdir C:\windows_distribution\langpacks 
xcopy C:\LPs\fr-fr\lp.cab C:\windows_distribution\langpacks\fr-fr\lp.cab
xcopy C:\LPs\de-de\lp.cab C:\windows_distribution\langpacks\de-de\lp.cab
expand.exe f:* C:\LPs\fr-fr\lp.cab C:\LPs\fr-fr\expanded
expand.exe f:* C:\LPs\de-de\lp.cab C:\LPs\de-de\expanded
xcopy C:\LPs\fr-fr\expanded\sources\license\* c:\windows_distribution\sources\license\ /cherkyi
xcopy C:\LPs\fr-fr\expanded\setup\sources\* c:\windows_distribution\sources\ /cherkyi
i repeated the above xcopy process for all languages
imagex /mountrw C:\windows_distribution\sources\install.wim 1 C:\wim_mount
intlcfg.exe all:en-US image:c:\wim_mount
intlcfg.exe defaultlang:en-US -dist:c:\windows_distribution image:c:\wim_mount
intlcfg -report -dist:C:\windows_distribution -image:C:\wim_mount
intlcfg -genlangini -dist:C:\windows_distribution -image:C:\wim_mount 
imagex /unmount /commit C:\wim_mount
The report from -intlcfg -report, the updated lang.ini + the window that comes up when i start the installation all shows the 15 languages being there and available.

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I forgot to mension, the guide i used was:

Select install language - browse - select folder (oops, nothing in there shows up - nevermind, select the folder itself and click ok) - done! I have installed languagepacks like this.
Question is solved. I knew his problem, had it myself first.
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