How to use the Network scanning facility through USB facility

We have recently aquired a Xerox WC232  which has the facility to be a network scanner. In our small office we use a wireless work group and we share printer access through PC's. I am currentlu connected to the 232 by USB which allows us to print to the machine but not to use network scanning. I've tried connecting the 232 to my PC by Ethernet and creating a LAN but it appears I do not have a functioning Ethernet card. Is there a way we can use the network scan function through the USB connection? Thanks
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure it can even scan to USB. If it can, the only way I know to network it is to scan to a folder on the sharing PC and share that folder.

Plugging the printer directly into a PC with a standard cat-5 cable will not work - the PC will tell you thee is no network connected. To connect it directly you need to use a cross-over cable, and you have to give both the printer and PC a static IP address (e.g and

As most wireless routers also have one or more wired ports, a better way would be to plug the machine into the router. That way it's networked, you can scan across the network, and you don't need to rely on a sharing PC - all PCs can print and scan directl. Plus, the network gives a much more reliable printer port than USB.
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