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Strange Pixelation/Lines with BitmapData over Layers

Hi there,

I have a preloader that emits particles in a new flash game I'm working on. The particles are drawn circles then converted into bitmaps (for collision detection).

I have noticed that when I publish the preloader online (www.peephill.com) the particles don't have transparency and they cause strange lines/jittery outlines on the layers beneath.

I have tested this in the flash itself ('test movie') and it seems to work fine.

I was wondering if there was a known bug that might be causing this?
1 Solution
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Try this:

make sure that Bitmap graphic must be paced on complete pixel always,
in simple words, x,y value should not be in fraction and must be complete numbers.

do this exercise to the root level,
means if bitmap is in a movieClip and that movieClip inside another movieClip and this movieClip is placed on root,

then you need to make sure, that all of the following should have complete number for x,y properties..

bitmap graphic,
movieClip which contains bitmap graphic,
movieClip which contains the movieClp which has bitmap
movieClip placed on the root.
JPardoeAuthor Commented:
Wow! What a palava! Why do they allow you to do decimal x and y if it causes such problems?

After altering all of my code and pasting Math.round() around every single x and y variable, I fixed some of it but not all.

In the end I managed to fix it by specifying 'cache as bitmap' for some of the graphics used.

Many thanks for your suggestion. I would have lost hours, maybe days, trying to figure this one out!
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