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I have a word document that mail merges various charts onto two pages.  Each of the pages has a pupil name.  I what to create seperate documents for each pupil.  So I want to be able to split merge document into seperate files each containing two pages with the title being the pupil name or set up some sort of macro that will insert the images and then save the document.

I have attached the merge file to show what the layout is.  The merge code I am using is similar to
{INCLUDEPICTURE "c:\\TargetCharts\\{MERGE FIELD PupilID}TC.gif"}

I hope this makes sense.  Thanks,

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I am unclear about the nub of the problem. Is it about images as the title suggests? You seem to have that covered.

You can produce separate documents in a couple of ways. You can either run a single-record merge or you can split the document afterwards. Provided that you don't have any section breaks in the main document, the latter is fairly simple.

This macro splits the result document at the section breaks and saves each part as a document named from the text at the beginning of the section (up to the first tab).

Sub SplitMergeResult()
    Dim sec As Section
    Dim rng As Range
    Dim strName As String
    Dim DocA As Document
    Dim DocB As Document
    Set DocA = ActiveDocument
    For Each sec In DocA.Sections
        Set rng = sec.Range
        rng.MoveEnd wdCharacter, -1 'omit section break
        strName = Split(sec.Range.Paragraphs(1).Range.Text, vbTab)(0)
        Set DocB = Documents.Add
        DocB.SaveAs strName & ".doc"
    Next sec
End Sub

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DesiMckAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your excellent and speedy reply.  This solution worked.  Sorry for the over complication in my question and the rather misleading title.
Jamie GashCommented:
I need to control the filename of the newly created sperate document. Ideally I'd like to use a mail merge field from within the document (Clients Account Number). Can you explain how I edit line 13 (I assume) to make this work.
You would need to locate the text somehow on the document. How you do that depends on the document and your skills,

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